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#LocalSEO - Leveraging on Google My Business

 #LocalSEO - Leveraging on Google My Business 

Like all other retail storefronts , Both Medical Doctors and Dentists who want to reach out to more potential clients using Online local social strategy can increase their presence through local search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Local SEO uses a combination of web based tools such localized web content , location based mapping or geolocation to get a business website to be ranked highly on Google and other search engines. It is an effective way of marketing their medical practice’s website to attract prospective patients in the vicinity areas or for clients who need their dedicated specialist consultancy

Google is a Google My Business listing is the most effective trending choice as it is a free service for businesses and gives owners a chance to appear in Google’s local search results. Google My Business is important for all storefront , bricks and mortars business and works just as well for medical and dentals clinics or any local business to get a competitive edge in its local market.

Most businesses haven’t learned the significance of using Google My Business. In fact, only 34% of businesses have established a Google My Business profile so there is plenty of room for all companies to list their business profile

There are many fundamental reasons why local SEO benefits businesses. The fact is the rapid growth of mobile social media services and the fast upgrade in new mobile technology . People use mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and smart phones to conduct searches for map location and geolocation services near them when they’re on the move

Time consciousness and time management has oriented mobile users to increasingly use the online maps searches using internet to search for local addresses to save time and prone to capitalize on mobile technology

43% of searches conducted on Google are local search for local address

56% of local customers conduct searches when looking for company’s location , contact information, location address and area amenities ,like parking lots , transport facilities ,

38% of all local searches conducted online previews to look for reviews , cross reference s

Every time Google notices that a search has a local intent, such as "business + location," it will show the local intent search that is under google 3-pack to include geographic reference, like a city name or zip code with indication by google maps also

Being able to get your business or medical consultancy website in the Google local 3-pack is vital for driving new patients because your business profile through your website will also show proximity of your business’s location in relation to the potential client’s location with a high priority in determining which businesses are displayed while on the move

Prospective patients have a lesser chance of knowing you exist online and could pass up your clinic location when deciding on a medical service

In addition, they can’t read reviews that others have left on your Google My Business profile .

Good local reviews are use full online testimonial that provide a high ranking factor when determining what businesses to display on google

Medical clinics using Google My Business listings will not only appear at the top of the search results page, they also come with a map to show their location . This is most useful information for potential patients to quickly access directions to your clinics.

How to optimize a your services on Google My Business profile

Once you have claimed your Google My Business profile and established an address and phone number take the following steps to help your profile appear with good page ranking

Google My Business Listing 

1. Include latest accurate data into your profile—This includes type of service offer , name, hours of operation, phone number, website, appointment URL, etc.

2. Verify your clinic business—Note: it takes approximately five to seven business days to receive your Google verification code to claim your Google My Business listing.

3. Make sure you are adding into all the correct categories—Be very focus and very specific with your primary category so Google can quickly determine what your business is about. Secondary categories can be treatment-specific, such as "dental polishing services , root canal, wisdom tooth extraction " The primary category would be "dentist" or "dental clinic." Or likewise – All other medical service if your are a GP , doctors or a Medical specialist

4. Add at least five relevant photos—To take it to the next level, provide high resolution your ads images , or show your facilities available with good pictures

5. Manage proper reviews response and comments —Reviews are one of Google's top local ranking factors for your Google My Business profile.

6. Practise social signal to Share content from your website on your Google My Business post option—This is great for local brand awareness and immersed into social media marketing

Remember to enhance your Google My Business profile by completing as much information as possible . The search market for local businesses is highly targeted. In the case of medical consultancy and dentistry, prospective patients use search engines to locate reputable doctors nearby.

This is very different from traditional marketing campaigns that have a broader reach, such as placing an ads in a magazine , mail or flyers brochures to a small city or town , But in the local search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you allow your business to be highly visible to a broad base potential clients who seek of your services and are actively searching for them

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My Google Classroom Training Guide is Coming -


Google Classroom program now has 40 million users, 30 million Chromebooks students!

40 million students and educators rely on Google Classroom to stay organized and support creative teaching techniques. 30 million more use Chromebooks to open up a world of possibilities both inside and outside the classroom.

Google Classroom makes organizing and managing all of your Google Apps activities streamlined and easy. Set it up in minutes.

Thousands of teachers are certainly finding their way to Google Classroom. It has been as billed by Google: less focus on tech, more focus on teaching. It has made managing Google Apps files in schools more streamlined and communicating with classes easier.

Have you set up Classroom in your classroom? If you’re like many others we know, you might not have for some reason.

Well, now is the time! This guide will show you how to set Classroom up in a matter of minutes and perform the main tasks, easy time saving hacks for teachers, how to analyse usage reports, and so many other handy tips and tricks to make your Google Classroom a success.

                                      My Google Classroom  is almost ready for launch in December 2019 

The reasons why schools increasingly choose for the Google platform

Google takes on an increasingly significant role in schools. Do you wonder why schools choose Google? If so, behold the benefits below. Choosing for a Google for Education Partner will then be the natural conclusion.

1. All knowledge about Google under one roof

Knowledge is required in order to advise schools. As Google for Education Partner, the institute knows everything about Google applications in the education sector. They keep all knowledge up to date by regularly following trainings and by attaining their own certifications. Google certifies only a limited amount of partners per country, the bar is high.

An optimally organised management environment, legislation concerning safety and privacy, integrating Google applications in schools and Chromebook features are a piece of cake. They offer a standard package available for schools to use, these settings are implemented directly. Additionally, they provide schools with customised solutions. Examples are general app and website settings, appropriate backgrounds in the style of the school and the optimal mix of user settings per class.

2. A quicker response to your questions

Once you collaborate with a google for education partner, you are in direct contact with Google, solutions can be offered faster. For example, has the G Suite package been unapproved? Usually you are ought to contact Google through the official service desk. But when you are collaborating with a partner, they will directly contact Google on your behalf. Instant action shall be taken on identifying the problem and creating a plan to get the school back on track as soon as possible. In short, they directly take the work off your hands and offer a solution quickly.

3. Take full advantage of the benefits of Chromebooks

A number of Google for Education Partners, are authorised to develop their own Chromebooks. The biggest benefit of developing their own Chromebooks is that they know all the ins and outs and can therefore give the best advice. With a Chromebook, you can enjoy many of the benefits such as working in the cloud, enjoying a fast device, sharing documents among each other, remote device management and unlimited storage.

4. Access to integrated software

G Suite for Education offers a free set of tools for schools which enables you to work together always and from anywhere. With this package you can easily manage lessons, provide feedback in documents instantly and students can participate in real-time collaboration in the same document.

5. A well-guided implementation process

When a school wants to work in the cloud completely it is important to collaborate with the right partner to ensure that the implementation process runs smoothly. Think of transposing data and becoming comfortable with a new programme. They guide schools with this implementation at the client’s pace.

6. Simple management

Implement network settings, impose the school regulations on all Chromebooks or block devices remotely after loss or theft. The remote management possibilities require a separate Chrome Education license for each Chromebook, and is exclusively attainable through a Google for Education Partner.

Are you wondering if your school is ready for Google? Go meet a Google for education partner and see what possibilities exist for you. here are some possible  extract of proposed chapters ;

1) What is Google Classroom 

2) Benefits of Google Classroom Integration 

3) Benefits with a Google for education partner 

4) New updates to google Classroom

5) getting started  with  Smartclass - Google class 

6) Creating assignment  in google classroom 

 we will have 12 chapters  and and the books is at final last quaters in completion  

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