Friday, 7 June 2013

Bloggen Der Moderne Weg Zum Reichtum

  • 1. Blogging with WordPress Is FREE!• WordPress is a slick freetool that’s easy to use• Only high quality themescost money• Expenses are minimalafter you get your themeand your site set up!
  • 2. Setup• The problem isWordPress can bechallenging to setup• Installing yourhandpicked themeoften requires anexpert
  • 3. After The Setup• WordPress is very easyto use• No technicalbackground necessary• Adding or editingcontent is easy as pie!After the Setup
  • 4. Boosts SEO• Search Engine Optimizationmeans ranking #1 in Google• Ranking high is a must forInternet Marketing• Google’s preference ofWordPress will get you thathigher ranking much easier!Blogging By Million,Have Fun• You don’t want to loose to yourcompetitor just because theyhave a WordPress site and youdon’t!
  • 5. Pick Your Theme• There are countless hotWordPress themes• Some can not only offerdifferent designs butvariety of special featuresas well– Therefore Pick YourNice Theme
  • 6. Multimedia• Nothing will get peoplemore excited than a coolpicture or an awesomevideo• Excited people are thebiggest spenders!
  • 7. Mobile Sites• Mobile is getting hotterby the day!• When people get hungrythey search for you withtheir smartphones• Mobile websites convertpotential customers intopaying customers muchmore effectivelyTry Mobile Blogging
  • 8. New Mobile SocialCustomer EngagementMobile Blogging gets connected to yourcustomers anywhere and anytime!• Customers can:– take advantage of your specials andcoupons– opt-in for coupons or event informationin your restaurant– make a reservation– and much much more!Mobile Graphics courtesy SqueezeMobi
  • 9. Mobile BloggingEnhanced Experience• Modern customerswant an easyexperience– In the restaurant– On the web– From theirsmartphone• Forward-thinkingrestaurants areadding diet andcalorieinformation totheir onlinemenus
  • 10. Blogging By Million SupportsThe Art Of Not Missing Out OnBusiness• Mobile marketing represents a greatopportunity to all• Your customers are on the move.– They might be just around thecorner but will they know aboutyou?• Get those last minute customers bygoing mobile!
  • 11. The Art Of Not Missing Out OnBusiness• Remember customers want to interact with youjust as much as you want to interact with them• Not having a mobile optimized Website will drivepeople on the go away from you• Your competitors are going mobile• So stay competitive!with mobile blogging also
  • 12. Mobile Landing Pages• Why use a mobile landingpage when you can have afull-blown mobile versionof your website?• When customers arevisiting your blog theyleave no trace – you can’ttell anyone was ever there• You need to capture thecontact information ofthese potential customers• Here is why…
  • 13. Contact Your Customers• Contacting yourcustomers andinforming them aboutyour special eventsand offers increasesrevenue• They can’t come ifthey don’t know!• So stay in touch!
  • 14. Make A List Of Your Customers• A landing page is aneffective and simpleway of gathering apotential customer’scontact information• Create a landing pagewith a special offer inexchange for an emailor a phone number• Give away freebies & capturetheir info!• It will pay back!
  • 15. SocialMediaSucceed by Blogging with Social Media Marketing
  • 16. Social Media• Social Media is hereto stay• It is a relativelyinexpensive marketingtool• Particularly useful forsmaller businessesthat cannot afford bigmarketing campaigns• Social Media doesn’tcost money, only time• Resistance to SocialMedia is futile!
  • 17. Get Blogging Involvedwith Social Media• Social Media is not just aboutcreating a Facebook Fan page• Active management is essential• Listen to your customers’ feedback• Converse with your customers• Build rapport
  • 18. Be Social Friendly• Link your Social Media pages with your site• Don’t depend on customers to hunt downyour Social Media themselves – more thanhalf are sure to give up!• Place links front and center so no one willmiss them!• Make it easy for them to refer you(or like you)
  • 19. Accept Feedback toImprove• Analyze both good andbad feedback gatheredfrom Social Media• Keep the good and fix thebad• The customer’s point ofview is important and theirfeedback may be invaluable!
  • 20. Branding• Blogging and Social Media is great for creating yourbrand!• Make your brand known to the whole world!• Attract not only locals but also people from other citiesand countries!
  • 21. Options• There are many social media platforms…justexplore and select as many as you like• It might be overwhelming at first for those juststarting out with Social Media
  • 22. acebook
  • 23. Facebook Fan Pages• Facebook is the mostpopular social mediaplatform• Facebook Fan Pages area great way to collectfeedback from yourcustomers
  • 24. Facebook Is Big• There are currentlyover 900 millionusers on Facebook• Crowd builds evenbigger crowd• Start attractingpeople now!
  • 25. Reach Out Spread The Word• Spread your brand!• Spread information aboutyour special events andoffers!• Facebook allows you tochoose your targetaudience– Use that to effectively drivecustomers to your business
  • 26. Build Relationships• Facebook Fan Pages arean amazing opportunityto build relationshipswith your customers• Make your fan page lessabout you and moreabout your customers• Facebook Fan Pagesare an amazingopportunity to buildrelationships withyour customers
  • 27. YouTube
  • 28. Blogging with YouTube• YouTube is the secondlargest search engine inthe world• Having a YouTubeChannel helps your SEO• Combine Facebook withyour Blog and YouTubeto drive even more traffic
  • 29. Turn It Into A Video• Turn your events and advertisements into avideo!• Everybody likes videos – get yourcustomers excited!
  • 30. Google Owns YouTube• You might not be aware butGoogle bought YouTube• Creating a YouTube channelwill instantaneously increaseyour SEO• Use video to score higher inGoogle’s search results!
  • 31. Promotion & Branding• YouTube isn’t just for watching cute kittens• Every big company and most small businesseshave a YouTube channel• You need to compete!
  • 32. Get A Copy Today!• Website:–––
  • 33. German Edition

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Blogging with Wordpress is Easy

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